Finding people I need to help as well

There are many people out there that I can help out too.  The question is how can I help myself first.  There are many things and many ways that we can help ourselves.  Life is a focus on the positive and not so much the negative.  Even though negative stuff happens and some that is really really bad, we still need to block that out and get all the positive energy in control of our own life.

There are probably a bunch of people that I have come across that seemed to channel negative energy to me, and I need to not think of that anymore especially when it only hurts me. Though, some people believe that certain people do that for a reason to test us and figure out if we can block it out.

What about you? Can you block out the negative energy and stay as positive as you want to be?

People test me and test us all the time.  I guess the idea is to not get all upset.

Anyway, we all can help one another out in some way.

out, J

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