Figuring the world out

Figuring the world out takes a lot of time and experience. For Neurotypicals, this is as easy as 1-2-3.

For people on the spectrum it takes more practice and more time to understand how the world works. For instance, when you take the Latin community for example, there are many people in that community to begin with that know that every one who doesn’t speak Spanish must speak Spanish in order to communicate with them. I have many friends in the Spanish community especially George. Though, when I look at my friends like George, I think to myself they are nothing like those other Spanish people that feel that way. Which goes to show you that not everyone in every culture is the same. The same goes for Asperger people like myself too. You can not judge a book by its cover. Though sometimes my other Spanish friends tend to speak in Spanish when they don’t want me to hear what they are saying. Ha, since I do know Spanish, I can figure out the words, but they counter it by speaking even faster than the speed of light just to make sure I don’t hear them. Geez, I wonder what they are saying. Well, that is why it is none of my business.

Anyway, Neurotypicals find it very easy to figure out the world and how it seems to everyone else. Some Neurotypicals tend to have not so much easy patience when it comes to Asperger people trying to understand. The ones that do have patience, understand a lot more.

The very aspect of our desires to understand the world and figuring out how to survive is a natural part of our creation. The eternal one created this world in order to accept a mission, but with every mission there are challenges. And every challenge gives us the primary feelings to overcome it for most. Though, some people find it too difficult to overcome the challenge so they just let themselves go. Meaning they tend to give up. No body should give up.

Giving up on life and not heading into the challenge is not the way to go. Living with trying to overcome that challenge by working with your strengths to improve your weaknesses is the best way to do anything.

To Aspies like myself, we are better than Neurotypicals in the world because of our challenges.


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  1. eg

    JRoss — this neurotypical would like to see a pic of this new beard of yours, everyone’s saying it’s awesome. i met a maltese dog named dakota yesterday. i am happy that the reading went so well.


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