Evolution of Mind/Body Matter Part 3…

Learning is a tool where the mind continues to grow.  I know there may be times in someone’s life where they may not seem this way because they are not continuing to grow anymore since what they feel is the pinnacle of what they know, this is not the case always.  The mind is always continuing to learn new things even with individuals who say they know it all.  It is why when I do an Ultrasound, I will look at the doctor’s report while looking at my study I did, determining how I can objectively improve.  I don’t see too many other people doing this like I do.  I will criticize every little nick and cranny of my work trying to reveal a mistake I made.  It what was instilled in me by George Berdejo and the rest of his labs when I went there to learn.  It does not matter whether it is an echo, stress echo, or a vascular procedure, I will do the same thing over and over again.   Sometimes I still go there to learn or to confirm something which was a vascular study I did. “It takes time, precious time, It takes a whole lot of precious time….” by the George Harrison song “To do it, To do it, To do it, To do it right now.” I don’t remember what the name of George Harrison’s song is at the moment, but it is from the 1980’s.  He also sang in this, “I got my mind set on you, I got my mind set on you.” It reminds me of thinking I got my mind set on Ultrasound and g-d.  Thank you George Harrison.

The mind is a universe of space in our heads which is infinite learning.  It is scary how infinite learning it could be.  Think of how many times we have learned something new in our lifetimes already.  Well, that is infinity + infinity + infinity by the time we pass on to the true Universe of heaven after we are old and gray.  It is incredible.  No body has ever reached their pinnacle in this world. I mean No Body!!!!

The mind and space-continuum go hand in hand.  Mind, Time, Space, and learning new skills or knowledge is our passions of life. Everybody has a different passion in life, Go and find Yours! Don’t go for the job with more money and no passion because then there could be a crisis later on in life.  Take it from things you see in movies or I am sure friends of yours who have had a crisis. I will not, I have my passion and holding it right where its at.

I will continue to enjoy learning objectively how to get better, this way somebody might say “Geez, I have to do the same thing too. Jason was always right. My mind is like an infinite Universe of learning.”

More to come with this topic soon.  I hope it is starting to get very interesting.


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