Every body needs a change sometimes

There are certain times in people’s lives when things need to change. Why does this have to happen in things changing so much? Time seems to not stand still. There seems to be constant revolution and evolution in time. Do you know the difference between revolution and evolution.

Definition of Revolution is a sudden, complete or marked change in something.

Definiton of Evolution is any process of formation or growth; development.

So, can you differ between these two words.

Many people like to use these words as a means of positive and negative. To me, revolution is more of a negative while evolution is more of a positive.

But what happens when friends change is that evolution or revolution or just another word. Do friends really change over time?

Many of you have had friends in your lives and they have come and gone. One friend comes and another goes. Is that you are still friends with the person who gone away or are you and that person dissipated from life’s friendships.

My friends have always come and gone, never has one stayed with me all along it.

They say that the only people that stay along with you truly are your family while friends are the people you choose to be around that make you complete. While eventually a spouse completes the circle.

Anyway, think about this for awhile and get back to me about this.

Change is a constant continuum of this world and all we can say is not to worry.

Think of this song and wonder what you are doing in this beautiful world and how you are changing amongst us.

out, J

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