En Espanol

Me llamo Jason.

Yo soy desde Puerto Rico.

Me gustaria tener los todos del mundo pedir a dios.

Me gusta bailar y  tener entretenimiento.

Ay dios mio!

Actually that is all a joke, I am really not from Puerto Rico, but I have been continuing to learn more and more spanish.

check out this link: www.studyspanish.com, it is an interesting learning tool on the internet.

Do you know that the whole world would be speaking spanish instead of english if columbus or the others saw america first before the english?

What do all of you think about that?

Mucho gusto y Aprender el espanol rapido ahora!

What does everybody think about that?

Anyway, I gotta get going to take a shower.  The world is the land of many languages to learn…

out, J

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