Does Freedom really exist?

The definition of Freedom is very vague when you look it up in the dictionary since it means many different things to many different people. I feel one of the best freedoms to have is your own sense of psychological freedom. Psychological freedom means to be able to think for yourself and not have anyone influence how you think. It is the ability to be able to make your own judgments, decisions and have the ability to formulate your own opinions and ideas. As individuals we have the right to never give up and to be able to have success in order to feel our own self-worth. It is important for every individual to have a sense of worthiness and a high level of esteem to feel good about themselves.

People on the Autism Spectrum are variable and may seem slower in some areas than others. Trying to get individuals on the Autism Spectrum to achieve their goals takes patience, cooperation, and knowledge about the spectrum. This knowledge creates many different people to know how fast or how slow to teach the individual on the Autism Spectrum.  Once achieved Spectrumites need to speak for themselves rather than others speaking for them.

The Autism Spectrum is very variable which is why they call it a Spectrum of disorders. Some individuals need more attention to achieve their goals toward success. The many success stories of people on the Autism Spectrum came about because these individuals had the support of people in their life to help them. These individuals are capable of reaching their goals with the proper support system in their lives.

There are individuals in my life that believe that I have achieved my goals. They are very mistaken. What I have achieved to date is the stepping stone for me to move another step up the ladder to my many lists of goals. There are many achievements left that I wish to achieve and I know with time I will.

A success story consists of being happy for who you are. The more you achieve your goals, the more successful you become. You must always start out with small goals and work yourself up to the bigger ones until many achievements lead to success.

Individuals on the Autism Spectrum deserve every right to achieve the goals they want and live a life just like anybody else. You can not speak for anyone even those who can not talk. There are so many means of communication other than talking in expressing self-identity.

I hope people read this posting now allowing themselves to realize how important it is for every individual to express themselves. Helen Keller who could not see and hear was a success story because she developed ways to express herself. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum have ways to express themselves, you just have to listen, if not with your ears, with any other sense that you have.

Remind yourself everyday I am teaching an individual on the Autism Spectrum who is different and I am making a difference in this world. The world of difference in this world could turn out to be better than the world is today.

out, J

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5 thoughts on “Does Freedom really exist?

  1. laurentius-rex

    “Freedoms just another word for nothin left to lose,
    And nothin aint worth nothin but its free,”

    I might think I am free but I still have to obey the laws of physics 🙂

    There are a lot of things said about freedom, for instance “with freedom comes responsibility”

    If one choses ones own fate, which is the origanal meaning of “free doom” one has to take responsibility for it.

    I make many moral choices, and in doing so I am maybe not free as I constrain myself, but in the end I can only do what I can, with what I have got.

    That being said, I am not free to make the best of that (in the academic world for instance) because there are so many conventional barriers that have to be overcome, which one cannot do on ones own entirely.

  2. Club 166

    Nice post. The one qualm I had with it is

    …Psychological freedom means to be able to think for yourself and not have anyone influence how you think. …

    I think we are all influenced by others. If this was not so, advertising would never work. We just need to recognize the difference between “being influenced” and “being coerced”.


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