Do you believe in Magic?

Magic is common knowledge that many people seem to believe in while others do not believe in.   But, can magic really be true?

Well, if it were true, then may be just may be things could happen better, but if things could happen better there are always things that happen that are bad as well.

Is it better to live life magically or without magic at all?

I believe that magic is fantasy and whenever you take something to happen with magic there are always bad things that can always happen as well.

So its probably best to work without magic so that we  can do things the right way instead of with magic that can lead to the wrong connotation.

Anyway, that is how people work towards their goals by working hard and staying strong all throughout to reach their goals.

I still have a goal to achieve and that is still kept a secret.

All goals are personal ideas that a single person wants to achieve and that is good to have.

Anyway, its raining in NEW YORK now and I have other things to write.

out, J

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