Before Aspergia Greets tonight….

There are so many ideas in life that many of us want to do, but what is the most realistic goal really for us to do. For instance, there are many sonographers out in the field that want to do everything no matter what, but can every sonographer do every modality of ultrasound. Not too many people can do this, but yet a lot of sonographers want to. Its a matter of what we should do that is most realistic for us to do that is important, not the fact that “I can do everything” factor, but that is what sonographers want to do and that is why people fail.

More realistically, there are sometimes when there is a person (or people) that divulge themselves into trying to do everything, and thinking that they can do the things that others have been doing for quite some time and only do, to try and go for it anyways.

My realism is that if you forget about the everybody else trying to do every little nick and cranny, and just focus on what you are good at, then life will work out better for you and for everyone else.

I think the reason why this has happened in recent years in sonography, because registry or certification is becoming more and more mandatory so people all over the field are becoming GREEDY.

The greed is becoming furor and people want to cross train doing everything.

Is this right? No, of course not because people in the field should have a little bit of patience.

Anyway, Things take time and being patient is very good to have unless you are very confused like me because my passion is the whole circulatory system. Yet, I can I choose the heart or choose the vascular system. That is what I need to do, sit down and wonder what serves me best and what gives me the greatest strength in the field of ultrasound.

I know I do NOT like General Ultrasound so I narrow it down to the Circulatory system, Cardiac or Vascular.

There are so many people out there like my friends in the field that try and help me make a decision, but in the end I HAVE to make the decision.

posting later on,

out, J

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