Aspergia Greets Starts NOW Episode 21

The boatship floats in the air further and further away from where they came from at the port of the land of latin. Edwin stands up looking back since he can’t really get any rest for now. He is very nervous about the mission yet he knows that he needs to complete the mission so that he can go back to the university and show everyone the pearls of wisdom that he will learn. He backs up a bit on the dock of the boatship because he sees the sky getting darker and cloudy. It begins to rain and storm out with thunder bursting in the air.

He runs as fast as he can to the sheltered part of the boatship to the guide that latin woman met to drive the boatship for the mission. The guide doesn’t really talk that much and just drives the ship till he yells out for Edwin to go downstairs now and sleep because he will need his strength.

The land of the Maltese dogs is approaching quite soon. The guide can see the land through the opening in the sky far beyond the storm.

As the land approaches from the distance, the storm starts letting up bit by bit. The boatship starts to descend into the land of Malta.

The ship lands on the shore of the Land of Malta. Running from the beach from a house was a man and a woman who seemed to be holding a small white animal in their hands with ribbons around the the animals ears.

Juana jumps off the boatship running to the cute little white animal that the two natives of Malta are holding right now. She sneaks up and takes the dog that was put on the ground and holds it up in the air cuddling the animal in her arms. She is instant love with this animal.

Juana is screaming for her joyful moments right now like she never felt before. Edwin walks off the boatship with the other nephew of Latin Woman, Vic. The man who is in charge of sailing the boatship is staying behind in his cabin.

The man and woman from malta say together, “Welcome, nephew of the Great Aspergian! This is our gift to you from everyone.”

They hand him a necklace that looked like an ancient aspergian symbol that the Great Aspergian wore, but must have left in Malta. The man and woman introduce themselves as Leona and Franklyn.

Leona and Franklyn tell Juana, Edwin, and Vic that there will be a party tonight in honor of the death of the Great Aspergian honoring the nephews Edwin and Vic.

Edwin and Vic are inspired about this party and in honor of their aunt and uncle.  Juana is ecstatic because she is in love with this white furry animal that her new love Edwin brought her to.

Edwin and Juana are sitting in the grassy knoll of the land of Malta feeling the moment with their new furry animal running around beside them getting ready for the big night where everyone will honor him and his cousin.

As the story goes on…

out, J

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