Aspergia GREETS Episode 23

Living on a deserted island once the party was over, the feeling was not so good.   The people left and the island seems empty.  Edwin and Juana are looking at the sky wondering what had just happened. They were about to leave and head off, when some kind of bang happened in the island.  The Great Aspergian appeared on the island of Malta and told the people that were on the island for about at least 100,o00 people or more trying to get them to stop hoping for something big again and just live their lives.

He spoke to his nephew Edwin, and Edwin and Juana are getting married.   They don’t know when, where, or how, but they are getting married.  Now Edwin worries now about the fact that his schooling back in Aspergia is waiting for him to finish up his mission of what the other Aspergians have no idea about, but only he and the Great Aspergian know of what the mission is about.  The mission is about trying to first understand why lands were divided, to understand people relatedness more, and to form bonding relationships that will last.

Aspergia was divided as a land because 50 years back in the year 2008, the lands were divided to create separatism and moving forward as a world with separate but equal lives.

That was to change when the Great Aspergian came about because he didn’t understand why the lands were divided.   So, he set out to enter the paths with all the doors of the land, starting in the land of Latin and finishing up well not exactly since he had died.

Now the nephew and his soon to be wife, Juana, are going to take the dream to understand more about what had happened.

There is a land that most people fear and do not ever want to go to, but the Great Aspergian told his nephew to go to in order to understand.  That is when the mission will be over and the time for his trip back to Aspergia will begin with his engagement to Juana, the love of his life.

The trip to the Secret Land that no body wants to remember and go to is coming up next….
(hope you will enjoy coming tonight)


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