Aspergia Greets Episode 22

The Malta Honorary Dinner of the Great Aspergian sits on top of a mountain in Malta where there hundreds of people gathered all around. Juana escorts Ed along the aisles as everyone begins to find seats at tables. Vic walks behind as every body looks at him too since he is the nephew of Great Aspergian’s wife. The three of them don’t realize the honor at first, but they just go with the flow.

Yet, is this a dream or this reality for everybody?

From Lionel Ritchie’s song, Dancing on a Ceiling…

“What is happening here?
Something is going on
Thats not quite clear
Somebody turn on the light
Were gonna have a party
Its starting tonight…”

Every body on the Land of Malta is from the different lands from all over to celebrate the day that Great Aspergian and his Latin Woman wife fell in love on the Land of Malta.  The Great Aspergian arrived on the land and as his nephews sit on the table while his own blood nephew sits there with his new love.

Juana and Edwin feel the love tonight and as Edwin begins crying for his family, Juana consols him even though Edwin is a bit disturbed to know why she wants to consol him because he is crying.  After all, Edwin doesn’t understand any of that.

The Land of Malta is filled with tables and tables of people from all over the land of Malta.  The other people from the different lands are speaking their native languages saying to themselves things like long live Aspergia, Long Live Aspergia.

The mark that set out the Great Aspergian to set out his mark to join everyone from different lands  together in unity and love brings joyous occasions.

And now Edwin is about to fulfill the prophecy that will bring unity and love to the this as a whole instead of separate lands.

As the people from the land of Malta unveil a unity statue of peace a light shines through to the statue.  See, the Great Aspergian started making a statue all throughout his trip and he left his statue in Malta where the people from Malta finished the statue.

It is a symbol of peace and love that will create unity.

Edwin looks up in to the sky and sees his uncle and latin woman wife and child watching over the party.  Edwin winks back at his uncle wondering what this is all about.

See, the Great Aspergian who was supposed to find unity and love as well as the understanding of people and social avenues, died and everyone around needs not forget what he tried to do.  Edwin and Juana are like the great aspergian and latin woman wife that was already only they are different in some ways and in some ways better.

Edwin kisses his date, Juana, falling in love while there is a falling star that falls upon the statue in bursts of flames.  The flames form bigger and bigger as if they are about to form fireworks.

Then, appears a cry from the distance as if someone needed a doctor, there comes Edwin who is studying medicine, but is not yet a doctor.  He comes forward to this crying person and sees its an older woman in pain.  She becomes short of breath and keels over to the side, where Edwin needs to revive her to get her better and he does.

He revives her and the party ends with smiles and cheers.  Juana kisses Edwin and there is a sudden silence that only no body can hear but see what just happened.

The moment turned to an engagement between the nephew of the Great Aspergian and Juana.   The woman who was revived has a moment of happy and then falls flat on her face and dies.

The next day when Edwin, Juana, and Vic have to leave the land of Malta, they are given a gift of  a Maltese dog and a special wand of hope.

The boatship leaves with Edwin and Juana waving goodbye and Vic standing on the boat for the first time playing with a dog.

Next time the Aspergia Greets lands us in to another land where the adventure continues…

till then out, J

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One thought on “Aspergia Greets Episode 22

  1. Chanira729

    Dear Jason:

    I watched your video about Asperger’s Syndrome and I was very moved and can relate cause I have it as well I was diagnose in 2002 and it felt great to know why I was acting the way I am acting and since them both family and a few friends like yourself knows my condition and those few non family members that knows this makes me feel better cause now I understand a little bit more about myself and people with our condition Jason.
    I also saw you work which I don’t work since the doctor told me I can work in an enviroment full of people and situations and I also can’t drive since I am a very nervous person.
    Anyway I love all the imput your pocess.