As you thought Aspergia Greets was over…Episode 18

The Quest for and of the Great Aspergian’s nephew

Ten years later after the Great Aspergian and Latin Woman left there seeked another form of the Great Aspergian lying on his bed in the land of Aspergia. He was lying there wondering into the ceiling about how he is doing poorly in middle school and thinking about how he can do better in school. His amazing abilities are that he can memorize and understand the human body more than anyone else can in the world.

He is only 12 years old and reads technical medical books like Gray’s Anatomy in which it took him 30 days to memorize everything in the book. He made his father buy incredible books on the circulatory system and its main pump, the heart. He can understand things like how blood pumps, moves through the body, and comes back to the heart. He found materials in the land of aspergia to create himself a magical wand that can look inside the body. He realized that in order to get a picture he needed some kind of visionary material like a TV to actually see the picturs of his own body. He began building what others would know as an Ultrasound Machine.

He bought books about physics and through trial and error, knowing his way around learning what most people have trouble understanding without a teacher, learned physics on his own creating his ultrasound machine 8 years later when he was graduating high school in land of Aspergia.

When he graduated high school, he started attending an elite aspergian university where he took his machine and started performing scans on himself. At first, he didn’t know where to put the transducer or wand he created, but through the help of friends he met at the university, he learned it. Ultrasound has been around for a very long time and the Great Aspergian found that many people were impressed by his knowledge base and one man found that he can use the Great Aspergian’s knowledge in the clinical sense.

Although the Great Aspergian’s nephew knew that he didn’t quite fit in well with people since he spent all those years reading and reading. So, he had to learn every aspect of people. This led to a mystery where the Great Aspergian disappeared in to the wild.

No one knew where the Great Aspergian’s nephew went. Only to realize that he went on a quest just like the Great Aspergian himself did some years ago.

He entered out of the university grounds and back to the aspergian land where he found the door that would take him to other lands.

He figured that now is the time to take himself and his stuff on a quest to know what people are like and learn about people and making friends.

The University officials contacted his parents that he left the grounds and is missing.

Before entering outside the door of Aspergia, a symbolic butterfly came by and was pushing his hair around. Then, the butterfly turned into his Uncle, the Great Aspergian and next to him stood the Latin Woman wife and child.

The Great Aspergian put up a sign that read: Go to the Land of Latin where you will meet a man that will take you around to the other lands and will help you learn about people.

Then, the Great Aspergian, Latin Woman, and their child vanished in mid-air.

The grandson walked through the door with his trunk filled with clothes and books walking down the hallway. He reached a old door that was filled with dust and a sign that read, “We love the Great Aspergian” as all the doors said the same thing, but this door was the only dusty door. He walked through the door and stood a man beside the water on the beach saying, “Nice to meet you, nephew of the Great Aspergian. I am his Latin Woman wife’s nephew.”

They walk along the beach and away they go on the quest to learn from people just the way the Great Aspergian was trying to learn.

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