As we wait for the Bailout Vote to take place

The Bailout Plan Struck out once, will the bailout plan strikeout again?

The Bailout plan is necessary in order for the Economy to embark on a long journey back in to recovery.  At the same time, as we bailout the banks, we are going to increase the money everybody is going to have to spend for next tax season.  Many people are going to have to work harder, longer hours with multiple jobs in order to maintain their homes especially when inflation is increasing.  In order to pay any bill on time, we are going to have to work at least 2 to 3 jobs a week to ensure the bills and taxes are paid.  To make matters even worse, there are people who don’t even have a job to begin with.   The job market will be even more heavily competitive especially in New York City where higher volumes of people live.   There are even more highly competitive places, but New York is one of the most expensive states to live in and my home state.

New York State wants to rebuild and build up many buildings and bridges which are very expensive.  The Tappan Zee Bridge which is a bridge that was built a long time ago was originally supposed to be a temporary bridge to connect Rockland and Westchester.  Now the New York Government woke up and want to build a new version of the Tappan Zee Bridge with a High Speed Train attached to the new bridge.  This is a great idea especially since it is so hard for many Rocklanders to travel in to New York City.  They also want to rebuild Penn Station where the MetroNorth trains can travel directly into Penn Station rather than Grand Central.  These are all great ideas.

However money is an issue especially when the bailout plan is going towards supplying money to the banks on Wall Street and Main Street to save the economy.  The plan sounds very nice, but the very banks who are being saved are the banks who caused the problems in the first place.  The Federal Government for over 10 years decided to forget about regulations and let Wall Street do whatever they pleased.  More people started going to school for Finance hoping they can make money.  Now most people who do not have a passion for Finance are discovering there world is turning upside down.

People are losing their jobs and losing money day by day becoming victims to this financial crisis.  I believe those people did it to themselves especially those who majored in Finance in College thinking they can make big bucks.  It all boils down to what people find their greatest passions are without looking at how much money they are going to make.

People started Hedge Funds in the late 90’s and even a few years back who are now throwing their fists to the table in anger.  Greed can go a long way sometimes especially when you just want to make as much money as you can in order to retire early.  Work is an important entity for anybody’s entire life.  We must work and do what we like trying to make the most out of our passions.

When drawing passions for work, look only towards the people who have a lot of passion for work.  People on the Autism Spectrum have passions and would like to use that passion to make money as well.  Many people on the Autism Spectrum are not working at all.   In fact at a conference I went to in Suffern last Thursday, only 7 % of adults on the Autism Spectrum work in the United States.  The 7 % statistic includes myself and anyone else who on the Autism Spectrum who is working.   Many people on the Autism Spectrum want to work and want to work in a field they have a lot of passion for.  Neurotypicals never understand this.

Working at a job is great for anybody’s self-esteem and dignity.  It gives great reward knowing an individual is a contributing member of society.   An individual needs to know they have skills which is helping a world discover new and interesting inventions for everybody to invest their time in.  Every individual in the world has a niche which follows what they can contribute.  Not every one can be a Investment banker.  I think a lot of people are realizing this now.  Neurotypicals are realizing now, success is a long term reward and not a fast short term goal.   Many people all over should look at individuals on the Autism Spectrum like myself who have always known it takes a lot more to succeed.  Success is something which takes a lifetime to achieve.   We should always be open to our interests which draws toward true success in life.  Anything involving instant success is going to fail in the end.

As the bailout voting draws nearer, we should all hope people understand life is a factor for success over a lifetime.   Some people believe McCain, others feel for Obama, I believe we need a leader.  McCain is trying to blind us with his past and Obama is the only one who is going to create change in this world.

Have a great day,


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