As the anticipation of Aspergia Greets draws near… here is another post

Think of yourself as a determined person.  One who can defeat the odds.  I do. I defeat the odds everyday of my life and like to even declare myself to have everyone eat their own words.

Having people eat the own words is very important to me because people can be very disgusting when they don’t want certain people to succeed because they feel that the person they don’t want to succeed is just a larvae in society that anyway can step on and say “Eewww!”

Anyway, think that you can move along and not frequently bow down to those people.  Let those people bow down to me and you.

I am the superior to those that think whoever they think they are, because those people are garbage.

People like that tend to always sense that they are at the pinnacle of their creation and never ever want to move along as anyone else does.

This world is better off if people take baby steps not these big giant leaps of faith.

I hold the truth to that and baby steps is the way to go.

This webblog/website has taken baby steps as well.  Things take time to develop and especially since the things that we are doing tend to balance themselves out more evenly.

Anyway, take it easy as I leave you with the quote of a lifetime,

“I know who you are, you are the person who will not succeed because you want me to fail.”

Triumph for Victory, Preserve Victory, Let my Victory Prevail

out, J

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