An emotion can lead us in the wrong direction if we allow it to

I know I have not posted much in the past few months.   I have been through a lot of new things in my life and many new prospective topics to write about.   It has been a continuation of what my life has been like only it has been changing bit by bit.  I know the world is changing drastically as the turn of the elections in the United States is drawing closer.  People are wondering who can lead the United States.   Can it be Obama or can it be McCain?  Or can it be the Nader or Paul?

I feel it shouldn’t be any of the four candidates to be able to lead the United States.  None of these candidates and their Vice Presidential running mates can really lead the United States.  They are all a part of the problems occuring in this world.

Enough of all the garbage going on with the United States especially since the Financial Crisis has really put a damper on the economy.   A rethinking of the bailout plan will help a little bit, but there needs to be more.

Now back to the fun stuff.  My life has taken twists and turns since I the last time I was posting a lot.  I guess part of life is not always a straight clean path.  All of us have to decide what decisions to make and live with the consequences of the decision.

Some people feel a decision we make is part of daily living.  We may decide to wake up and fall out of bed or way may decide to turn left instead of right when we know we always turn right.   Yet, we decide to turn left because we want a change in our life.

When it comes to making changes in our lives, I really don’t want to do it no matter what the change is going to entail.  When I have a pattern of things I typically do, I just want to do it the rest of my life.  Typically a change must occur when an event happens which forces a change.  Sometimes people feel in order to move up in to the world, we must change so that we can live stronger better lives.  Many people feel a change in their lives signifies the respect they get in the world.  For instance, their current situation may not be giving them the respect and proper recognition they need.

People all over are losing money and losing their homes due to the financial crisis.  People are saying it is due to too much optimism in the world.  People have felt they are invincible in this world and can continue making millions of dollars.  Not everything is that secure.  Not even the presidency or mayor of New York City.  Every president and every mayor of New York City only get 2 four year terms of office.  Mayor Bloomberg yesterday said he is trying to get a third term.  Everything comes to an end and starts a new beginning.  People must remember for every ending, there is a new beginning just awaiting them.  George W. Bush is waiting for his new beginning and Mayor Bloomberg has a new beginning awaiting for him after his 2nd term ends.

If we had a life where nothing ever ended, life would never end and eventually we’d all be bored.  Even our lives have to end eventually since no body is invincible.  Human life is a gift and is also a temporary life where we must prove ourselves.

We must evaluate our lives objectively and logically without thinking too emotionally about certain mistakes we think we made.  For every mistake we make, there is a lesson to learn.  Each lesson we learn gives us feedback to how we should fix the problem.  Repeated mistakes are only made we become too emotional over a mistake we made and don’t want to admit to ourselves the mistakes we made.

The people in the United States are trying to point the finger at somebody who created the finanicial burden within the United States.  Every citizen of the United States are to blame.  A mistake happens and we must move on.  Even simple mistakes like talking out of turn or any drastic think we do which is caused by our emotions.   We think about our emotions and most of us do think using our emotions.  Thinking with our emotions causes drama.  No body likes drama unless it is on Broadway.

Life as we know it is turning in to a field of drama.  McCain and Obama have caused a drama for this election.  When its time to vote in November, you should vote for a person who can be a leader not a President.  Not someone who has been a War hero and not someone who tells you they are going to change everything without a plan of action.  We should vote for the person who can lead and will be around for the next 4 years to lead us in to his second term.   We should vote for somebody who can lead without his emotions getting through on his decisions.  We should vote for someone to instill every citizen is an individual with the same rights as anybody else no matter what.    A leader leads people, not a President.

I think this has led many discussions to go on.  Anyway, I hope we all use our great minds to think instead of our emotions, it will only be best in the long run.

Things are good,


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