Alex Trebec said it best “Teaching is the Noblest of All Professions”

Alex Trebec is right about that.  What he does not realize is sometimes teachers just don’t know something in which they need to learn as well.  My mother who knows all about social skills naturally should teach as many Social Skills teachers as she can to be able to teach everybody Social Skills. She needs to also get paid for it because she needs to earn a living as well.  It is hard times out there for everybody.  She does have jobs right now, but this would be something I feel could be extraordinary achievement for her.

She is a remarkable person with a lot of talent which everybody needs to enjoy not just me.  I wish everybody can enjoy her talent like I do.

It makes me think about teaching and I should not listen to anybody who said to me in the past, I should not teach anybody what I do in Ultrasound.  I can’t believe I actually almost listened to that fully.  Since I need to be able to have as many people around to be able to know what I know.  Also, be able to do the good jobs I can do.  My grandma who said this to me came from a time in her life where things were different.  I understand grandma where you came from, but I am living in different times.  I need to allow other people to know and do the same good job I do as well.

I have taught people in the past, but I really didn’t teach them 100%.  I taught them about 50%.  Now I know teaching is so important.   It is so important because if somebody is willing to learn anything, you should give them the time.  We all should give somebody the time who is willing to learn.  Those who give, get a reward back in this world whether small or big, it is an award.

Take it easy, I am getting ready for a good day!

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