AHA Conference is TODAY

AHA stands for the Asperger and High Functioning Autism ASSOCIATION and they are having a conference today at ADELPHI UNIVERSITY. I have to get ready for it now, but the conference is about INDEPENDENCE for the Adults and Adolescents for people with Aspergers and Autism.

the link is www.ahany.org

the link for adelphi to check out where the conference is www.adelphi.edu

The conference is going to be great because it has three sets of workshops for me to go to. Plus, a talk by Peter Gerhardt, ph.D the founder of OAR, Organization for Autism Research.

Let’s see and I can’t wait to see how I and others in adaptations helped an actor make a movie on asperger syndrome.

This is great because my writing is getting more and more known, and pretty soon i will be hopefully winning a writing contest with my friend in June/July. (Cross my fingers) George, I will be good in life and my dreams will come true.

As I leave for the trip to Adelphi now I leave you with a video from youtube.

out, J

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