ABC NEWS here I come…

My mind is wandering from place to time
I am feeling happy and exhilerated
something is about to happen
in a days to come.

The life I have is about to change for the better. Soon I will be known and I will have things I have always wanted: Acceptance and appreciation.

I want have a life of my own. May be the sonography community will recognize me more. May be just may be times are changing for the better.

If everyone would take time out in the day to let voices be heard of people on the Autism Spectrum through either vocal or even any way that can be expressed, people would understand us more.

I know my life with Asperger Syndrome is a lot different than those with lower functioning Autism, but I still understand because I am on the Autism Spectrum myself.

Be sure to listen, read, and see the expressions of us on the Autism Spectrum and no that are feelings really count also. There really needs to be a challenging tasks for us to grow and support to lean on when we need it. If no body is challenged in life, there is no room for growth.

Parents can learn from my mother. If parents can learn from people like my mother, then parents and autistics will work with each other more getting to the point of independence striving to overcome those prejudices in society. Prejudices which created a feeling of less dignity and appreciation or acceptance.

I know that lower functioning autistics will probably not achieve similar achievements to myself, but hopefully they can achieve something.

Anyway, there are so many things going on now for me that I know that everything will be great.

Check me out July 1st when the launches there on call plus autism site.

out, J

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