A quote by Pedro Martinez…

“To me, as a player, it’s just words. You have to respect Fred Wilpon’s quotes, but I’m not that type of player. I don’t believe in papers. I believe in facts, and you have to go out there and prove it.” Pedro Martinez

I trust in Pedro. Pedro is the proof of what just doing it means.  Pedro goes out there and does his all, and every one gets excited. He is a hard worker. Very genuine person.

I love the Mets Pitcher Pedro Martinez #45 for that. He is a great role model especially since he has so much in his character because he is a character, trustworthy, funny, intelligent, charismatic, straightforward guy. anything else I am missing. Anyway, He is the man to look up to on the New York Mets Baseball Team. He is the leader.

Anyway, the mets should have a captain again and I believe it should be #45 Pedro Martinez.

It would be a great honor to see him as the Captain of this team even though he has had a set back with his shoulder, he is still a champion in my heart and a role model for us all.

Chillin’ out,  J

PS Yes, I know Pedro shouldn’t be doing stuff to live chickens in public, but that is very insignificant when it comes to this.

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