A posting from an AS meeting in Staten Island

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Here is a posting from ASAN (Autistic Self-Advocacy Network) representatives in Staten Island.

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Hello Everyone,

Attendees of the AS Community Health Care Discussion this past
Saturday in Staten Island, NY unanimously agreed to extend the
opportunity to participate to the virtual domain.

Participation will require about 1 to 1 ½ hours. Participants will
be asked to read a five page pdf Participant Guide provided by the
Presidential Transition Team. A set of 7 open-ended questions and 3
multiple choice questions need to be answered. In answering the open-
ended questions, place an emphasis on health care issues related to
AS. Answers to the questions will be used to prepare a report to be
reviewed by Senator Tom Daschle and the Presidential Transition Team.

Participants will be encouraged to have a brief telephone
conversation with Doug Hanway, the discussion moderator. The purpose
of this conversation will be to integrate each individual’s ideas and
stories with those of the other participants. The role of the
moderator is to listen, facilitate discussion, and answer any
questions on the process. The moderator is not there to tell the
attendees what to do or offer suggestions. The goal of the process
is to respect, empower, and include every participant. The
Presidential Transition Team has explicitly requested that the
discussions are not occasions for “experts” to listen to “everyday
people” and then decide what is best. They are an opportunity for
attendees to come together to diagnose the health care problems
facing their community and propose solutions.

The final submission needs to be sent to the Transition Team by the
end of Wednesday, December 31. Therefore, participants need to
complete their input and talk to Doug Hanway by noon on the 31st.
The Presidential Transition Team has explicitly requested to strive
to incorporate everyone’s concerns and opinions in the discussion and
submission. Each attendee’s views matter – whatever their
background, beliefs, or previous political involvement. Even when
there is disagreement, we strive to find common ground.

To participate, email Doug Hanway at dhanway75@hotmail.com
Doug will send you the Participant Guide pdf. From there, study the
pdf and answer the questions. You will also be given a few open
ended questions on AS and health care which you may choose to
answer. Then set up a time to chat with Doug before noon on
Wednesday. He will provide you his contact number in the email. If
it is not possible for you to participate by phone, an email chat can
be arranged.

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