A Positive week ahead of me

A sense a really positive week ahead of me.  I sense many positive things on the work front and with a surprise publicity in May.   I just have to be patient and let it happen, but I am just very excited.

Our thoughts are generated through our bodies and when we have positive thoughts in our mind all the positive things attract to us like a magnet.  Negative thinking is common since Positive and Negative appear at the same time all of the time. Yet, our negative thought processes can be blocked out completely by meditation.

If you meditate for 5 to 10 minutes a day, negative thoughts can be blocked by focusing on the positive. If you do this for 1 week, that is about a little over an hour a week is all it takes.

It can  be hard, but not impossible.

Live your life always thinking of what good can brought from you to this world, and the negative will eventually fade away like a feather in the wind that floats away.

“The Secret” is a great book and helps you transfer that positive thoughts to everyone else around you. If you think you can succeed, then you will, but if you think that you will fail, they you will be a loser or a failure.
The slogan always goes like this, “Nice guys finish last,” which can be true if you want it to be, but if you want to succeed you must be think positive so that eventually Nice guys finish first.

The most ruthless people in history have finished first over the nice guys in history because the ruthless people are so determined and so positive that they out will the nice guys.  Sometimes some people are so ruthless and mean, that they just outsmart themselves and wind up losing anyhow.  Whenever you see a MEAN RUTHLESS person think that you hope that the person outsmarts themselves and loses.

This way Nice guys finish first.

out, J

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