A Chicken lays an egg for you, What do you do?

A chicken lays eggs many times a year.  Yet, what are we supposed to do? Before a chicken lays an egg  we know the egg is a golden egg.   When the egg is ready to hatch the most beautiful inspiring chicken  appears.  Every one will look at this little chicken and say to themselves “Wow, your chicken looks like the most beautiful inspiring chicken in the world.”

We need to let the golden egg mature and grow inside to be able to show it off.  Patience comes with waiting for the golden egg to hatch.  Eggs take time to develop, and we need to be patient.  It even takes 9 months for a human baby to be born.  That’s incredible!  Knowing about all of this, saying anything to anybody would just mean we will have the possibility of losing the little inspiring chicken which will hatch or the human baby which will be born.

For example, somebody tells you I have a million dollars for you and you listen to them.  I would believe them, but there is always a catch.   You ask the person, “What’s the catch?” and the person replies “You must do certain tasks for me in order to obtain the million dollars.”

By doing the tasks, you can’t walk around thinking you have the million dollars when it is not even in your bank account.  You can’t even tell anybody about the deal the person made with you at all even though it may seem too easy to tell everybody about the deal.   Telling anybody about the deal with this person might not be the wisest thing to do because even though you are doing the tasks you may not get the million dollars anyway.  The best way to deal with a situation like this is to not tell anybody at all.  If somebody asks you why you are doing these tasks, you just say I am doing it for my health.  As soon as you finish the tasks, you bring your projects to the person who said they would give a million dollars and in return they will give you a million dollars to put in your bank account.  Now would be the time to celebrate since you received your reward.

The idea is there are too many impulsive and impatient people in this world who would tell their closest buddies.  Things with huge reward should not be repeated unless you actually have the reward.  Patience is a virtue for anything we do.  As someone once said to me a long time ago, “Don’t chase the spotlight, let the spotlight chase you.”

I need to remind myself all the time to be patient because I know I want certain things to happen for me at work in order to get my own place.  Well, all things happen to those who wait.  Apparently I need to wait a little bit longer.  May be I need to relax when I am home with my parents and grandma living the moment.  I know I need to wait, I have known this for a very long time already.

I am still developing like I always.  We are all developing throughout our lives.  No body reaches their pinnacle ever unless they have reached the time in their life when they are old and gray.  Although some people who are old and gray never reach their pinnacle and are still trying to develop.  There are some people who are old and gray who live their lives just wanting to maintain what they have been like not wanting to grow any further.  I think it is because they get tired too easily.

Anyway, I feel a bit tired myself for a moment so I will just post later on.


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