A Changing Vision

My feeling adjusts the light
I see a vision
and it flickers in my room.
I don’t know what to expect.
My vision is bright
and I can only see the light.
I listen to the footsteps
coming toward me,
it is like a vision like
no other.
The shadow in the footsteps
becomes brighter and brighter.
It is the figure coming toward me,
then it turns and turns in to a
different room.
I hear laughter, I heard music,
I hear celebration.
Though it is not for me.
Wait, I then hear the footsteps
coming toward me now
and I hear people clapping for joy,
spreading their wings bringing
me to the face of the Earth.
My vision gets lost as I am
in a dark alley somewhere in
the nighttime.
I don’t know what had happened.
I see drool from my face smooching in
my hand now.  I think
I was dreaming.
Now I sense a person about
to approach me.  This person
seems to have a knife.
My guard goes up to block this
person with a knife.
As I sense the feel of a knife
knocking me down,
I awake in my bed.
It was a dream.
I awake and run outside
where many people
people I knew and people I know
recently standing by me
clapping for shear joy.
I watch and notice a bright light
waiting for me and watch the light
and I am gone…
I don’t see anything
I just see a kingdom
with a throne
and a bright white light
too hard to see myself.
I can’t speak,
I can’t even move.
All I can do is listen.
The light speaks in words
written in the clouds.
I see the clouds and I fall back
to the people who were clapping
for shear joy for me.
I brought my message back
by making sure everybody
listens to every one.
A way for our life to sing with
joy and clapp our hands
is a way for anybody to listen
to any one who has a vision
for something better.

I hope you enjoyed my poem…


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