Wonders of the World

What do you expect from me or anyone? You have wonders and one hit wonders.

Hopefully we all strive to be more than a one hit wonder. Though, it happens because people may only have one thing to give to society and that is why they become a one hit wonder. Anyway, that is still good because may be like songs like the Hey Macarena song or Hey Mickey or any of those other songs.

Some ideas are good to a point and then people have to move on from that like songs.

I remember when the song came out in 1996 and it became a instant sudden splash one hit wonder. Why oh Why?

Hey mickey so your so fine your so fine you blow mind, hey mickey, Hey mickey…, This is another one that you think to yourself Why oh Why?

I think people like tunes that are upbeat and change the mood of things. But, what makes a particular dance in or not in.

Take for instance when were all young at heart in kindergarten, Ring around the Rosey.

Why did this dance become everyone’s favorite first dance?

Or better yet, do the hokey pokey dance.

These are things that people like to do become a kid at heart still. To forget about their problems and just ring around the rosey, hokey pokey, Hey Macarena, or Mickey, or sing the mickey mouse club song: M-i-c see you real soon, k-e-y, why because we love you, Mickey Mouse. Or better yet the kid song If your happy and you know it clapp your hands…What are/were these songs created for us when were all little. Was it show that life is so inncocent when are young?

Now, in adulthood, life is about responsibility, motivation to become a man(or woman) and to get ready for meeting someone to marry and have children with to share with future children the ring and around the rosey stuff.

You take a look at people like certain medical professionals like doctors that only stick to a certain book and don’t switch from that because they think its their bible. To read just one book like the DSM in particular is good, but you can’t just stick by that only when a book like the DSM is very controversal and doesn’t explain that much especially when it comes to Asperger Syndrome and Autism.

Asperger Syndrome and Autism is so complex that you must constantly be reading and researching to get the full effect of the knowledge that requires about it.

A particular doctor that only bases everything on the DSM, is a doctor that is doomed to failure.

There are so many books to read on Asperger Syndrome out there either by Aspies themselves or by professionals like Tony Attwood that there is no excuse not to read.

Like there are so many books and knowledge to read in any speciality in medicine to gain positive perspective analysis and knowledge.

1:150 is happening in this world for people who are known to be on the spectrum.

Take life and read because by reading you will be helping people like me and others on the spectrum.

I will continue to read about Asperger Syndrome as well as reading about my field in medicine doing echocardiograms and stress echoes. Its so important.

As one person said to me, Reading builds confidence and knowledge that you never had before. If and when You read George’s interview it says more about learning.

Anyway, I don’t want to be a failure and neither should no body else because then people look down upon you. Hope people read this and wonder I want to learn more about my field and I want to learn more…

posting later on,

out, J

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