who do u love?

There are so many people that love certain people, Why because they just do.

Anyway, think about who do you love these days and wonder to yourself, do they love you back.

How many levels of love are there in this world?

This is controversal, one form of love is sexual love but do we all love everyone sexually? NOT, why would you love everyone sexually that is disgusting.

Anyway, may be there is one person out there loves every one sexually that I know and that person is disgusting because it just is.

Anyway, there is sexual love as well as love for g-d, love for family, and love for friendship.

Which love do you fall in to with whom you are thinking about?

I hope you don’t find you are sexually in love with every one, eeewww!

Anyway, there is also love for inanimate objects too that you find are inspiring and help you out. But, that the fifth form of love that you find is the best for you.

So, there is 5 formsĀ  of love; sexual, friendship, family, inanimate objects.

Have you ever fallen in love with beautiful rock formations and trees or better yet a beautiful stone cave, well it is love but a different form of love.

anyway, have a good day,

out, J

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