When love makes someone happy you are happy, when love bites, it bites hard…

Love is an everlasting realm of human existance. First you love g-d, then you love your family, then you love people you come in contact with throughout your life that care about you almost like second, third, fourth, fifth, … family.

Basically, the world has love and the world has hate. Love can be hateful, and hateful can be loveful. Love can also be loving, and hating can be hating. When someone says that they hate a particular person it goes very far and wide across this world and beyond.

When someone hates someone else, then there hate goes nowhere near g-d and neither do they. Instead they go to somewhere else that will try and ease they hate back to love.

G-d is love and filled with much of it. He spreads his love to everyone and everything in this world. You either take it and use the love or throw it away like garbage. Love is a present from g-d. Take it or leave it.

Not every one in the world is going to be your friend, yet you have to realize that its not that they hate, because if they do you know where they’re going, its that they can’t accept you for who you are and all your imperfections. comment on something I am misisng.

Anyway, this is the last thing I am going to say. You can love everyone but don’t measure up to them, fend for yourself once in a while and do the things that give you meaning and give you the feeling of something that is yours.

I am the person who can do the right things, be the right person, take care of my own needs without any one else doing it for me, I am the person who believes in himself not needing someone to believe it for me.

And another thing, I don’t need to be nurtured all of the time anymore, may be when only when I truly do need it in times of desperation.

The thing speaks for itself,

Out, J

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One thought on “When love makes someone happy you are happy, when love bites, it bites hard…

  1. Amelia

    Hi Jason,
    I saw you on This Emotional Life and am so inspired by your life story, your love for and dedication to writing, and simply you! I really appreciate this post. My favorite lines are “Love is a present from g-d. Take it or leave it.” I think we push love away when we don’t know how to deal with the negative emotions that will inevitably come with it. No matter what, though, the love is still a gift. I know I will be thinking about your post and how it applies to my own experiences for a long time.