Topic: When to talk and when not to talk, that is the question…

This is a topic that is very interesting and will stir up a discussion of comments. When is it right to talk and when do you give somebody you know the space they deserve.   The other question is How long do you give the person space till they want to talk again.

The idea of it all is to not let come to the point where a friend or a person you know very well has to tell you listen, man, I need my space. And then they never talk to you ever again.

How many of you had to tell somebody that and never talk to that somebody ever again?

I have had to do it and I am sure many of you had to do the same.

Lord knows that there is a time to be by yourself and there is a time to be with people.  You can not have it just one way or the other, you must have Balance.

Balance takes time to develop since we are not born to be balanced in life.  We must go through trials and errors before we make that determination for ourselves.

Take for instance when we first  are born there are so many things we do not know that the only thing we know to do is scream and cry or be quiet when we are not screaming and crying.

Then, depending how you learn, some people grow up faster than others. Some people learn more emotions and talking at a very early age while others talk at a much much later stage in life closer to the age of 3 , 4, or 5 to say their first few words.

We watch when we are not talking and by watching we observe and listen.  Most people like to hear themselves talk and not observe.

My grandma tells me she can never be alone and always needs to be with someone ever since she was a little girl.   How could that be?  How could a single person never have the strength to be alone with their own thoughts observing other people or observing nature’s life just like Henry David Thoreau did.

My grandma ain’t no Transcendalist, more like a person who is the opposite.

You can be a loner, you can be a people person, or you can have balance between the two.

Take for instance the fact that people talk to oneanother they will never talk forever because there is never too much to talk about. There are times that what we need to do is  enjoy the presence on earth and do the things we need to do on this planet before talking.

Talking is just a small part of communication, the rest of the big picture is Non-verbal communication.  You must be able to read the nonverbal communication and not talk all the time.

I know that is why I talk a lot because I can not read non-verbal communication, but if I try a little harder than I will talk a lot less.

People will still be your friends if you don’t talk them out of it by talking too much.

I have a feeling though that people get busy sometimes and we must all take strides in order to know when the right time to talk to one of your friends who finally has the time to be with you.   Even when your friends are all married and you are single trying to still talk to them is really hard until you get married yourself.

anyway, posting later on,

out, J

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