To all my friends…

This one is for you.  You know who you are if you are reading this.

Rubber duckie, your the one, you make bath time lot’s of fun, I am awefully fond of you my rubber duckie, rubber duckie joy of joys, when I squeeze you you make so much noise, …

Just kidding I just wanted to get a laugh out because my mentor/friend fernando.

No, I just want people to listen to the song,  What kind of man would I be? by Chicago.

Its got so much meaning. I know it tells about a guy singing to his girlfriend and I don’t have a girlfriend yet, but listen and you will see the meaning.

All for one, One for all, All for love.

When its all for one, its all for love.

When United we stand, Divided we fall which is very meaningful and when you feel love and you feel the meaning inside you rise up again.  Feel the hero in yourself, I feel the hero in me.

Mariah Carey’s Hero song another meaningful song.

This website has more to come, it’s just starting out…

peace be with you,


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