The world as we know it now…

The world as we know it today.  I thought I had a friend, but he made a joke out of me and now I am thinking twice about whether he is a friend or not.  This happens a lot of the time, and why, because the world isn’t so friendslike as it says they are.

I had met this person a year and a half ago through a very good friend of mine.   I was warned that this person (man) I met you could not take everything he says by heart. He is a clown. He is the type of person you just to have laugh with/at and not think anything of what he says.   Anyway, enough of this.

I need to  live the world I need to live without hearing every word I hear and listen to the important things that are necessary for me.  If life were like the game of pictures and acting out our words, I’d live the world so much easier.  But, its also mostly about talking and listening to the words that come out even though I can’t comprehend everything that comes out to my ears.  So, it comes down to compromise in life.

The world as we know it is compromising.  We have to do things out of necessary compromise so all can understand. Not everyone understands that, but some people do.

It also comes down to teaching others what others don’t know. If someone knows how to listen but not to see in pictures, then teach that person how to see in pictures, but obviously not a blind person.  Or if someone sees everything and thinks in pictures, teach them how to listen and so on.

well, compromise is a big part of life as we know it.  I learned something from that person who made a joke out of me, and that is this, select carefully who you listen to and who you don’t. A big judgement problem with people with AS when we have trouble listening in the first place.

out, J

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  1. CR

    How about cutting back on all this esoteric stuff. Your fans want more abby and chloe stories!