the start of practice makes perfect…

The idea that in dating or in anything in general, you have to start somewhere.   If someone has not dated ever or if someone has never done a particular activity like dancing, in order to get good at anything, you must practice practice practice.   And the sometimes in that verge for us to practice to get good at anything we must break out of our shell especially with our parents.  After a certain age, parents should not tell or be involved in your life and especially with me and my life.

I want my independence.  If I want to go out during the week and go dancing or if I want to meet up with somebody after work or if i want to do something over the weekend, there is no reason I should or need to tell my parents or other people tell their parents.

At a certain age in the 20’s we become adults, and that is where boundaries start forming with our parents.

So, this week is passover. And thing I will passover is my parents and my grandma because my parents and grandma are too overly involved with my life.  I know, I know  I did it to myself, but its time actually past due.

I went out with a friend of mine last night to dinner and then ice cream.  My friend Mike would have like that one because he says that ice cream is always good to have with a friend.  It was an interesting talk.

Anyway, have a great day,

out, J

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