the night before the conference tomorrow

Alright everyone it is the night before the Advances In Vascular Imaging and Diagnosis Conference and George has worked hard at trying to make the conference the best conference yet to come this year.   Everyone who is involved in making the conference possible is going to be able to finally relax and get things going for themselves once the conference starts.  I will be sitting in the front row once again.

Hopefully I learn even more than I learned last year.  Anyway, the conference is hopefully going to be great. There are many new workshops to choose to attend to. I will choose my workshops based on what is due for me to attend to.  I must get up really early tomorrow to be the first one there at the place where the symposium is.

I will post later tomorrow to tell y’all how the symposium goes, what people talk about inbetween the sessions, and what I learn of any new pearls of wisdom.

take it easy and don’t worry there will be another posting,

out, J

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