The importance of living independent

I need to live independently and we all as adults must live in independently.  To make our own decisions and do everything for ourselves.  Plus, it makes us feel proud of ourselves.  I know of this because when it came to my grandma.  Not grandpa who can’t, but grandma.  Obviously everyone has four grandparents, but two rest in peace.  Anyway, grandma knew what she wanted from the very beginning.  She grew up in a large russian family in new jersey and had to fend for herself.  There is good and bad to that, but the good is that she got to learn the basics of life at an early age.   Yet, on the other side, grandpa can not live on his own and be independent it was proven when his wife died nearly 10 years ago.  Anyway getting back to grandma, she is one of the most courageous women I know as well as the most stubborn about certain issues in life.

Though since her stroke and she has to be dependent all of a sudden she is very frustrated and acts out because her independence was taken away.   Probably when you have so much inner strength inside is why you can recover so fast from any illness or situations.  You can’t try and be another person, but you can listen to them and learn how to improve.  Every one knows that life is not a bowl of cherries because life can easily burn your mouth with jalepenos.

When home becomes hell, that’s when you can no longer call it home.  Home is a place that you go to that you feel comfort.

Being someone with Asperger Syndrome,  I need to make my own home the place where I feel comfort for myself for all my sensory issues and make my own life.  I feel I made mistakes in life, but that is the past and I need to just learn from them.  Like when I was younger I always had done things when I was not ready for them.   That is one big lesson I learned.

peace be with you,


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