Take time out…

Take time out today to tell people that care about you that you respect them and love what they do for you.

It is an important thing to do. This what we call CARE DAY. It is the day that all DMC readers will remember. It is just before christmas and will be on the same day every year, December 17.

CARE DAY and remember to always to show that you respect those people that do things for you and that on christmas day or whatever holiday you have, you tell them you have a gift for them whether it is a present or a trip or just a hug or whatever you wish to give.

CARE DAY will signify the day where things caring and loving and respecting happen.

It can be something as little as 1-2-3 minutes or a whole day or a whole day and night.

CARE DAY is very important and should be celebrated WORLD WIDE.

Respect those around you, it just starts with one day and may be the rest of the year.

L = loyal, 0 = Obedient V = Victory E = Extraordinary

These words lead to CARE DAY and the day where you take time out of your day for it.

There are so many people in the world that don’t care, so start caring…

out, J

posting later on…

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