Take for instance…

I see you in the Valley of the Stream, but I really see you in the Valley of Light where Light and that Stream exist together.  Between those Valleys is someone who always is there and always with you no matter what. That is everywhere, the eternal one blowing you over with wind through that Valley of the Stream since he is pushing you, constantly pushing you to build yourself up and get your life going, that is what he does to me, you, and everyone else.

There are many roads through the fork that you can take, but the one road you want to take is the road the eternal one will not want you to take.   G-d only wants you taking one road and one road only, that road may be hard to get through, but its the only road you can take to suffice your abilities and earn the respect from the eternal one you so deserve.

That is what we learn and that is what we get from all of this.

Take it easy, next post, LOL, its finally coming …

out, J

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