Spectrum Heaven

There are many people that believe in Heaven.   Heaven can be of many things.  We shall not talk about that at the moment since we can not predict what is beyond this planet earth.  Some people discuss this and it is not good at all to discuss.   This past friday, I had a discussion with someone who is not jewish, but christian in origin.   It went into a whole talk about about nothingness and the fact that we do not know what g-d is thinking at this very time and who he feels is disobedient to him or not.  though, I agree with him that g-d loves all of us in the world.

Christians have a totally different viewpoint then me and my fellow jewish people.    There are many people in this world that believe the christian way of thinking.   You cannot change a person’s views or traditions when the person has been doing them since they were born, but you can accept it and move on.

My granny is an old fashioned jewish woman in her 80’s that believes we should all stay with in our own and not mix.  I don’t particularly agree with that since everybody has been mixing with one another for so long already that everybody else does it without thinking.  You see it all the time now, interracial/cultural/religious marriages.

People are falling in love whether its within their own or mixing.

Being an aspie myself, I wonder what to do in situations like this especially when this sort of mixing could be the very cause of why asperger syndrome is spreading so rapidly.  Yes, it has been around since the beginning of time when humans were first existed, but there are more reported cases of it now.  so I wonder…

1:150 people have an Autism Spectrum Disorder

You can’t stop people from falling in love, but you can make people aware of the rapid influx of autism spectrum disorders.   And most doctors and professionals of all kinds do not know about ASD’s while some learn about it.

There are so many other Neurotypical people that need to learn about it that the very fact is its very complex.   Now you see organizations like Autism Speaks trying to find a cure and GRASP trying to teach at the same time.    Then, you have organizations helping other aspies get jobs and earn a living since most people like myself want the independence, but …  In new york city area, you have organizations like adaptations at the JCC trying there best to help not just spectrumites but all adults with disabilities  get on their feet and be as independent as they possibly can get.

Its true that the younger the age where someone first learns of the autism, the more the person can succeed better in life.  But, like when I first learned about it in adulthood, there is a bit of resentment and regression that goes on.   When I hear the words well now you know so move on, then I feel I can’t.  Hygiene and straightening up after yourself is very important.

I have a job now in a doctor’s office that requires many multitasking and I am doing good at it considering.  Though, they say that even a neurotypical has trouble multitasking because when the brain tries to do too many things at once, you are bound to make mistakes.    People say that women are the only true multitaskers, but no body is.

anyway, gotta get going,

out, J

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