Seize the Day

Seize the day and the rest will come.

Forget about what others think and just seize the day otherwise wind up being a failure and falling a part.

My grandma has many wise ideas from what she learned in the past.

No body wants to wind up falling a part and just the fact that people say that to someone that they are going to fall a part if alone is very mean.  Standing on your own two feet is very important than slouching down and bowing down to people because that doesn’t make me feel good or anybody else in that situation.

Feel the fear and go for it!

Many things to come now for today,

later, J

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One thought on “Seize the Day

  1. Marivic

    I like that you say “feel the fear and go for it.” In counseling session, I try to work out how I shouldn’t run away from what I am afraid of. That fear will always be present to a degree and that I should get to know it somehow. In some ways this practice/thought process is scary, but the more I accept and get to know my fears, oddly enough, I start to feel better. The more I run from fear, the more I let it get me down and I bottle up with anger and resentment. Accepting fear has helped me get through life a little easier.

    Your opening “Seize the day and the rest will come,” reminds me of the movie “Dead Poet’s Society.” A wonderful film about a teacher who inspires young men to express themselves and be their potential and true to their character. If you get the chance, check it out.

    Thank you for posting your thoughts. It takes great discipline to communicate to an audience that you don’t know is there or not. Also, congratulations on being a big segment on = “This Emotional Life”. I feel I’ve learned a lot from your story and the others, as well.