seek and you shall find

Rather than wollow in self pity, seek and you shall find.

Take the bull by the horns and ride in the wind.

Just Do It like NIKE

Lassle the moon like in Its a Wonderful Life

By the way have you ever felt like Jimmy Stewart in It’s A Wonderful Life before and after in the movie.

out, J

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One thought on “seek and you shall find

  1. jose reyes

    METS! jason, DMC is quickly losing its grip on the general public, primarily because you are ignoring all the things people are talking about. the mets, the political and social turbulence in myanmar, and scott gastel’s futile job search. come on, even something about CR and the howard stern show. and how is the maltese dog (the one that is alive, not the dead one) doing?
    aspergia, in my eyes, is on hiatus until the baseball season ends.