Rising up from the fear that brings me down…

Fears can bring a person down especially when it prevents the person from doing the very things in life that would be a positive influence on that person.  You can call that person a flake, you can call that person a loser, you can even say that person never listens and never wants to learn from his mistakes.

There are people in this world like this.  People that for some reason have fears that they can’t let go of.

You may ask yourself, why do people have such fears that we can’t let go of? Well, take a met player who recently is in a position like this, Duanar Sanchez.   In the media recently the newspeople are telling how Mr. Sanchez is literally being a flake with his other teammates continuously letting them down as well as the manager Willie Randolph. Eventaully, if this guy keeps it up, he will lose his opportunity with the New York Mets and not gain the World Series ring do for the mets hopefully this year.

Pedro Martinez is  a completely different story. Pedro has done his fair share of being a “flake” by not showing up early to Red Sox camp, but recently he has shown the world that he is no longer like that and even since his surgery for his rotator cuff, he has shown the world who the new pedro is.  Duanar should respect his teammates and not miss out on a perfectly good opportunity.

Even though he had surgery and other people have fears due to psychological factors like fearing the need to be close to someone and being their own person due to events in their lives that destroyed the very aspect of their egos.

Basically, Post Traumatic Stress disorder or physical ailments are an excuse for a short term but eventually every one must get over it and move on.

Sometimes its also about focusing in on the other things and people that  mean something to you and not focus on people or things that have no care for you and intentionally do things to hurt you.  Really, focus on the people that want to help you, notthe people that want to hurt you.

There are many times in people’s lives where I am sure people have focused on the people that hurt them because the people that hurt them manipulate and control the person’s thoughts and feelings.

If you focus on the wrong people that do not care and want to harm you, you are setting yourself up for much negativity.

Believe in yourself, Believe in what you can do, and don’t believe that people that hurt you can be your friends too because that is not true.  The people that care about you are your family and whoever else comes into your life that wants to give you opportunities for friendship and many positive feelings for the future.

Believe me, I can relate and so can many other people…

out, J

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