what happens when you don’t try at something but you still look good?  What would happen if you did try?

well, that is a story of some people sometimes.  do you let people know that you were not trying or do not say anything at all?

I ask many questions to you now because I want to know what y’all think.

Anyway, I must get going now and I leave you with one more question:

what would you do?

do you remember that tv show on nickelodeon?

out, J

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4 thoughts on “questions

  1. CR

    Also, I just wanted to point out that I like the new poll! i had a really tough time making a choice on this one.

    And, it is important for all aspies and readers of DMC to know that I retract any statements that suggested eric grossman is not amusing. eric grossman is not only amusing but also shares the first name of eric ross. so he is good. do you wish he would post pics of the new orleans chicks who like to party? me too.

  2. new orleans chicks who like to party

    new orleans chicks who like to party unanimously agree that CR is trying to cause trouble. we think eric grossman is very funny and we like him almost as much as drivemomcrazy. we would love to be at the party but we hear that we might catch something by breathing CR’s air. Also, we have meals on wheels duty that night. so we are counting on you to document every thrilling moment: every up, every down, every song, every dance, every drink, every kodak moment…
    also, we sent your brother brandon a picture of a maltese but we think he didn’t show it to you.
    also, we like to party.

  3. CR

    hey jason. what’s up? do you agree that eric grossman amuses no one but himself? why do you think he pays so much attention to your brother eric’s fashion choices? do you think that’s weird? Write in a comment if you feel that way also.
    let’s go mets.

  4. eric grossman

    yo jason. so let’s start to discuss your brother brandon’s 30th bday party. can u believe that he is turning 30. we have several friends that due to money/time/work/the environment/polical issues/religious causes will be unable to attend. so it is of the utmost importance that drivemomcrazy, the official website of your brother brandon’s 30th bday party, is there to cover everything. for example, the new orleans chicks who like to party want to know everything that’s going on, so you have to be there on site submitting updates. you have to talk about what people are doing, what type of clothes people are wearing, what type of drinks people are drinking. for example, our friend jim raras thinks that your brother eric is gonna wear a zip-up sweatshirt. you have to be there to let jim raras know as soon as your brother eric enters. everyone is counting on you. people from, by my count, 3 continents and 6 states will be tuning in, making this a truly international moment in the history of drivemomcrazy, and i guess, aspies in general.

    also, do you agree with the ny dailies that cr should be banned from your brother brandon’s birthday party. i think the only way he should be allowed in is if he shaves his head, like the rest of the mets. even mr. met shaved head. why is aaron heilman such a jerk to not participate in the show of team unity?

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