Love is a fire that burns through the wind,
delivering to people that crave it and want it.

There is life, there is love in life,
the love for you is the love you give.

Love can be stronger than steel or a flab of fat,
bouncing from one person to the next.

Steel of love is hard and never bounces off,
and the people who have it hold on to it.

Fat of love is soft and bouncy,
going from one to the next to the next.

People with  Fat of love  deliver  love
to every one they find who wants it.

These could be what you call,
the lower than low in life.

Or you have the steel of love that
surround people that don’t bounce their love around.

You may call people weak or strong or
in between weak and strong, but you know
people will be whoever they intend to be.
You have the strong, you have the weak,
weak are the fat love and the strong are the steel of love.
Seek and you shall find, but don’t bounce your love around,
to the point that your love is there and gone the next.
There are people that are weak like that
and feel the need to act out their love the majority of the time.
Don’t feel that love is something you need to spread
when  you have someone to love instead.
Love is an angel that carries through
the good that two people share.
They love each other, they care for one another,
but they never ever share it with others.
To know two people that share everything
with each other and never give it away,
is a blessing that needs to be shown to g-d as example
to the rest of the world.
they’re men and women that may not do this and
must think twice about not doing it.
Its important for love stay true,
not be a flab of fat bouncy and remote.
To find someone you talk and understand oneanother,
repeat to yourself, do I love this person? every few weeks, months.
If you love them you marry, if not, you move on,
if not wanting to move on, you find a friend in them.
Friends are hard to come by. I know, I am aware.
You may only have one or two true friends in your life
who to be there and comfort you. If more, g-d bless you.
if not anyone may you have more blessing in your life.
It always good to know when and where to bounce
your love around to people that you feel need it.
I knew people that were as steel as steel or as fat as fat.
The fat as fat were smooching and trying to get in
everyone’s pants. the steel of steel wouldn’t let anyone at all.
Moderation is the key in life that will  find the
true meaning for most people. I know women and men that go either
one way or the other but very few that go inbetween.Anyway, gotta get going, enjoy!

out, J

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