Love can be painful

Love can be painful,


Loving you is so beautiful,
Loving you is so great,
I love you, I love you my beauty,
I wish you were back,
but you are not.

One day lived a man,
He was odd and eccentric,
but very smart indeed.

He met a woman,
and she was so beautiful
and he thought was so perfect for him.

The both of them,
shared so much together,
common interests, talks, funny moments,
sad moments, silent moments,
and even moments where they
both experienced each other in love.She always hugged him,
He always wanted kiss her,
He never got the chance
to even the series.

When the last chance
came to tell her
that he wanted to kiss her
that chance blew away like
the silent wind that came along,
because just as that chance came
she was gone and out of sight.

He still thinks about that moment,
since he felt for her and fell
in love, she was in love too,
but couldn’t wait forever
for his special moment kiss
to come along.So instead of that faithful
wonderful kiss that could’ve
been, this man felt very
upset that he can’t
express himself for even
the one woman he loved
and wanted to kiss.

Its been awhile
since that happened may be
seems like a very long time
ago, but what can you
say this poor old man
that can’t express himself
for even the one he
truly loved and is now gone:
All we can say is may be
there will be another,
or may be there won’t be,
but if there were another
will she be as great and
wonderful as the the
woman this old man
wanted to kiss
way back when.
I hope you read this poem and think about this old man way back when and say to yourself, geez, how can I help out my friend (s) who are just like this old man who wanted this woman he so dearly loved and wanted to kiss to show his love.

Today when I got off the train at Fulton Street on my way to the Bodies Exhibit for the umpteth time because that is my passion and that is my interest, I found a man and woman kissing at the subway gate and watched as I walked past them. As I went up the stairs to the top and got to the top, I turned around and they were still kissing. Geez, when you are that in love, you kiss for such a long time.

anyway, the moral of the story is: Don’t be afraid to kiss the one you love, even if she is far different than you because women need to know that you are showing your affection for them. If you don’t you make the mistake of a lifetime, trust me even I know…

anyway, posting later on and I will talk to you later,

out, J

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