Jason Ross

A list of treats growing in my face,
giving me the mantra of life,
repeatedly whispers of the meadows
from the wind carrying onto my face,
singing the darkness of the light,
marching to a different drummer
in the band that falls flat on your face.

Sing the songs of the rhymes that
fancy ourselves in the midst  of ourselves.
For the true great hero in life
and the true greatest friend in life
is the man or woman that fills up
his life with the love and the
respect that he got from his own
self-prophecy that he did not
want to fully reveal and accept
until the day it became a fact.
For life is about trying our
darndest working in the field
where the grasses are as
green as the trees and the
water is as blue as the sky,
but what is as blue as the sky
or as green as the trees anyways.
Only the events that trigger our
activity do we make our life
meaningful,  if not life is

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