Light heart dipping low
it gets lighter
and lighter
till time flies ahead.
I see the heart of hearts,
I see the scathering of duels
from one fight that
will be a great duel.
A man is fighting for
something in his heart,
while the other man
is fighting for the
pride that could
be taken away.
Everything ravels
down to the dirty
down right gruesome
fight of all time.
The fight lasts for
hours trying to
get that light heart
or pride, yet
one knows
who will win
by now which could be
the man without his face
with no pride, but a lot
of patience, and
security. Swing
around what do you get,
Swing to right,
swing to the left,
and you get a duel.
Duels have come and gone
through history.
Achieving greatness
while also gathering the lows
as well.
The lows can be low, but
greatness is better.
Once there was a man
who every body knew to
be great, he stuck it out,
gripped his trophy that he won
and figured that no one
can beat him even if he won.
then came a man with
the most patience anyone can
ever see and the willingness never
to give up and what do you get,
a case of the heart winning
over the pride.
You may get victory,
you may get pride, but
never forget where that
came from and who
gave you that pride.
It takes patience and
discipline and boy
does it too and the
man who wins is
the man who knew
the guts that just made him
pull it all off.

this poem means something, see it or believe it.

out, J

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