Tears of Gold

Tears of Gold,

by Jason Ross

The darkest hour,
the sharpest turn,
the fearest moment
in one’s life
comes down to
battle that makes

I thought I saw
the truth yet
I didn’t.
I thought I saw the
light looming around
me, yet I didn’t.
I thought, I thought
but I thought too much.

Sometimes we
may think,
Sometimes we
may cry,
we may cry
so hard that
we don’t know much else to do.

Weeping tears filled
with gold like the
water trinkling down
our windowsills.
Holiday season
comes and goes
but so does the tears
of gold.

The tears of gold
swarm around us,
the tears of gold
wrap us around
to the point of shear

Wondering whether
to follow the heart that
troubles us when things
go wrong, or follow
the tears of gold
to the ground.

This holiday season
tries so hard to
remember that
life is about fulfilling
the unequivocal brightness
of the day.
One day there lived
a man in the park,
who thought
and thought
that truly he had it all.
He had no patience, spoke
like a lion, and rested all
day thinking that the day was set .
This brought his family
and friends
to utter disappointment.
He felt the need to strike a pose
without even working at it.
What can one do, what can one say,
how can one think that he
doesn’t have to work at what
he needed to do.
Figure that life is
a journey so strong
with the need to
fulfill it.
Once this man
felt he had it all
was the day that
the world collapsed
in front of him.
See, life is like
a constant work
for yourself, your family,
and get the respect you
deserve. When
life’s journey ends
is when the work ends
and life on earth ends too.
Never think you
have it all, Never think
that you can rest for all
life until you die because the
day that happens is the day
that you become that man
who thought and thought
never living just resting.

Life is an unequivocal journey
filled with many obstacles
we have to make, there
may be tears of gold,
there may be speechless moments,
there may be smiling trees smiling at you
making you laugh, yet there also may be
times of frustration as well.
the person you become should not
be the man that you hear about
who rests and rests thinking
he has it all with the utter feelings
of euphoria since that is a failing wall
that one hits when doomed.
Sit down, don’t think, don’t
let a single thought go through
your head that you have it all,
for the greater truth of the eternal
being gives you the truth you get
when you have helped yourself.

Fall into the wind and fly away
in the strong wind
with your light featherly body.
Life has been rough and hard
and you have worked so hard
that now it is time to shed a tear
in heaven while not living your
journey on the planet earth
like the man who didn’t work.

Happy Holidays Everyone from Drivemomcrazy.com… this poem sheds a light on what is supposed to be done in life.

out, J

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