Rider of a pegasus

The Rider of a Pegasus

by Jason Ross

Darkness comes
Darkness falls,
Lighting breaks through
and through
What goes up
must come down.
The light appears
in the midst of darkness
and dives sharply down
to the edge of the earth.
Mysteries occur in
and out of your life,
just like the light
that appeared
before the darkness
that lasted for
years and years.
take your life
take your strength
take the mighty sword
that will breakaway
the darkness to get
to the light.
Be patient though
since it will take time
if the darkness is
thicker than the
thickest piece of

Once came
a man so
compelled, so intriguing
that he can break the
darkness within
three swipes of the sword.
Everyone was impressed,
they can see his mighty
strength  till one day
the man while walking to the light
fell face forward and
passed away with nothing left to give.
A little boy came running to the man
after playing with the
garden with his mates,
and took the sword
gaining strength and honor
like no other.
He grew up with the sword
and kept it for the rest of his
honorable life since the
sword was repeatedly
the most trusting sword
that this world has seen.

One day while
the little boy was old and grey
after decades of picking up
the dead man’s sword,
he swiveled the sword
spinning it and spinning it
till out of nowhere
a pegasus emerged galloping
its feet and with its
striking eyes
it faught off a
man that seemed to look
familiar to the old man
who used to be a boy.
As the pegasus wrapped
itself around the man,
it took its mighty feet
striking the man,
while Hercules
said to the man,
“Never take my sword again!”
Then as the man fell over the
Hercules and pegasus
dropped him into the sea
where a mermaid took
him the man’s body
where all can see
the humility of what
the famous pegasus did
to a poor man who thought
he had everything.
Swords can get you
somewhere, but life
gets you to more places
then one single sword can.
Remember your dreams
and remember to breakaway
slowly from the darkness
for the true light of the matter
happens only once you
have worked at it.
out, J

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