I walk in the shadows
with my head on
my shoulders,
there are times
in these situations
that lead me
to believe that
things can not
be seen to what
will happen.
I am scared
to my wits
and then
comes a bright
white light
entering in the midst
of all this shadows.
It seems far away
very far away,
I wish I could
be in the light
right now.
Every aspect
of our desires
are lit upon two
goals in life;
get out of the
shadows and
get away from
it all that seems
dark and dreary.
the annual sentence
of life depends
upon what is
done by you.
You can feel
life being dead
or you can feel
life being open
yet life is an open
place with open space
with open feelings
and filled with utter
feelings of love.
Yet, sometimes it
feels far away as
far away as anything
has ever seen before,
but getting to the place
so far away in the midst
of shadows is like
getting through people
covering your eyes.
You must run through
life trying to avoid the
shadows, yet sometimes
there are shadows that
are too close to be avoided.

I run for my life when
I see the shadows,
I run for my life when
I see the darkness,
I run in the dark
or run to the light
or run in the light
yet I should be patient
and not panic while
running away just
makes me seem like a coward,
I should stand in the dark wind
and think about my desires
and wonder if patience will
come to me, since being patient
is the longing that life has
to follow. Shadows are the
dark areas between the light
that there are more of,
light flocks to us when
positive energy flows through
our bodies, yet its not as
easy as 1-2-3.
Wishing upon a star,
I wonder how afar my life
can take me when I reach the light
or when I stop running and be more
patient is a better way of saying.
The light can be wonderful if
and only if you allow it to…

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  1. new orleans girls who like to party

    hi jason. the new orleans girls who like to party have enjoyed your recent poetry. we would like to know what you think about the america’s next top model candidate who has aspergers. can you do a post on that?