by Jason Ross

Fire in the sky,
Fire in the sky,
I saw you
and I saw him,
it was fire in the sky.
The sky was deep
so very very deep
of fire in the sky,
since the very
creepy to the
very distinct war
turned in to
fire in the sky.
You can see it from
miles away,
you can even see it
from light years away,
it was the battle
that time let happen
and it was the battle
between good
and evil.

The battle lasted
until both good
and evil were
bored and tired.
They took control
of the situation
by making sure
every one can see
from all walks of life.
It started up and far away
in the galaxy where
no one knew where
to go, so instead
it was so bright
so many of us
can see it.
The good was struggling
and the evil was devilishly
deviant towards the good
since the good was fighting
hard and the evil
was fighting with its magic
in the midst. One day
after years of the longstanding
battle between the good
and the evil,
came a silence that
lasted for days and days,
no one knew what had happened,
no one knew the precise
fashion of what was wrong,
it got very dark especially
since the Sun no longer shined.
Then at an instant in time,
it took nearly a few extra days,
a bright light appears in the dark.
It was a white as white can be
and as bright as the brightest star
can be.
It shone through the planet
as if nothing has ever shone before.
People were gazing at it as if
they didn’t know what to
say or do.
Then came some words
from a famous rabbi, priest, or
minister whatever you want to
say, saying “Take us to the scene
where the battle lasted for all
that time. I want to see it.”
The bright star gazed at the man
and moved him in position.
Before he knew it, he was
at the scene in less than
a blink of an eye.
he gets to the scene
where the battle was,
and feels very disgruntled
and free with a bit of
You see this man who
only wanted to see the
battle scene found that
nothing was there,
not even a morsal of
hair, but what was it?
The light began to speak
and the man was transformed
in to a hairy figure with a tail.
the man could not speak and
whenever his mouth opened
he wailed and whined with
no words to come out.
The light reached over and
pointed at a land on the other side.
The land on the other side
was the land where
the animal was going to graze
for light years to come.
The animal felt upset
since he thought he was
doing a service to humanity,
but instead he did a diservice
to himself.
The light traveled back to
the planet watching
every person on there
wonder what had happened.
the light posts signs every where
stating, Live Your life, the Evil
is over, never ever be curious
and wonder for you will be
like that man who wondered.
Try hard, as hard as anyone
knows, not troubling what
has been gone through.
For the battle is all said
and done, and now
is time for peace and
serenity. The light finished
its writing and now
darkness prevailed
back until the day that
the people escaped 10,000
light years away to a far
off planet with a star that
shine so bright, lying in the
sky with greater depths
above the people where
the land of the remaining
people lived trying to
hold what the star
wrote to them living
their lives.

Will people ever just be or will people always be the figures that seek out the easy things in life and be curious? There are too many people in this world that have the same thoughts about what they could be doing instead about just doing.

out, J

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