Distant Star

Distant Star,

by Jason S. Ross

A distant star
rises from the east,
it joins the forces
from the beast,
it gains on everyone,
it takes control,
wondering whether
it would ever take
control of itself,
the star looks
it looks very
far away
yet its gaining
and gaining.
The star’s
is as bright
as nothing
anyone has ever
Not as bright
as the star
that came about
years before,
but it is still
sure to come.
Every one
feels the
heat of the
star’s energy
even from this far
Its greater than
the sun by far,
and when it
finally arrives
there will be a
a change so big
and so great
that every one
around will
observe and
for once there
will be serenity
and peace
amongst us
and for once
and for all
there will
be justice
where people
have worked
will be rewarded
and those that
have not will
be forsaked. out, J

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