Untitled poem

Untitled, by jason s. ross

Somewhere out there, Somewhere free,
I see myself out of misery,
I know the misery stays with you
as long as you are there with it.
There is a place I know and
there is a time I know
that will drift me far far away
from misery.

Sometimes I get down, Sometimes I smile,
Sometimes I cry really hard,
Sometimes I even get angry …
Sometimes I see myself in the mirror
and sometimes I just look away.
But, Sometimes just sometimes,
I must see the brighter side of the mirror.

The mirror reflects to what the world
sees in me.
Even if I don’t like what I see,
A taperecorder that tapes my voice talking,
tapes me doing the things I am saying,
even though I am ashamed of my voice
which carries me through
this grand ole’ life.

I must accept who I am,
and what I look like, even what I even sound like,
since that is who I am and what I will be till
I am old and gray grandfather sitting on my bed.
Life is true, Life is pleasant,
Life can have positives with negatives,
It just so happens that this captures what

I need to deal with.

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