what to do?

what to do?

by J.S.R.

Sitting by the window
wondering about my future
the future brings promise
but also brings desperate
need to find my own place
in society.
Right now, I see the future
has blurry vision to which
I need the glasses of life
to help me see through.
when people tell me
to do one thing, and
I declare another, then
there is conflict.
When people say oh, but
that is what you are good at,
they thought.  And I say “NO.”
somebody told me once,
they can only see me doing
greatness in one particular area,
or somebody once told me that
I do what my heart tells me to do.
My heart tells me one thing, yet
everyone else is telling me another
story to gear me off of what I really
truly want to become.
this may come to people’s shocks
or may be even there disgust, but
I see myself doing what I want to do
and not live other people’s dreams
otherwise.  I become a part of the union
of my creation from the eternal one,
of what the eternal one created me for.
The eternal one created me to help,
but not necessarily what I am doing at this
moment in time. He created me for more.
I sit and take what others may say, and I
can not sit and take it no more.
I decide to help in more ways then any other
person has done.
Sit and watch and wait to see…

hope you enjoy the poem,

out, J

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